12 February 2016

Friday's Poem

It Was a Great Day

Not much sleep
Stayed up too late
Still I wake up
And before the immensity of the day
Has a chance to set in
Your love fills my heart
And gives my soul
Drive to push
As the weight of the day
Bears down its might
Your love carries me through
Then when the sun has set
My body worn
And my eyes heavy
I find you need me
You need a shoulder
To lean upon
So I stay up
And then take the time
To pour out my thoughts
And clear my mind
The hour grows late
But my heart is full
I am tired
I won't get much sleep
It was a great day
I gave my all
To My Love

By Joseph Kemper © 1 October 2013

Thank you Deanne my love for always bringing so many blessings into my life. I love you.

My New Book

My new book is available on Amazon! It took a lot of work but I am super excited with the way it turned out. The book is a collection of love poems written for my wife in 2015. There is a minimum of 1 poem written every single day, for a total of just over 400 poems. The book itself is carefully crafted to almost be a poem itself.

As a thank you gift to everyone who reads my blog I have set the Kindle edition to be free (normally $5.99) from Monday 15 Feb 2016 to Friday 19 Feb 2016. Anytime you buy the actual book you get the Kindle edition free, so even if you miss out on that deal you can still get something free.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon.


Thanks again everyone.

And Deanne thank you for inspiring me to be able to do this.

11 February 2016

Thursday's Poem

I Give

I try to just give
Without hope of getting back
I give you my time
I give you my love
I give you my hope
I find my time
Well used
I find my love
I find my hope
I find more

By Joseph Kemper © 30 September 2013

All I am Deanne is given to you and through giving to you, I find a clearer path to my Lord. Marriage is truly a blessed institution and you definitely make building a great marriage really easy.

10 February 2016

Wednesday's Poem

You Can Do It

I see your fears
And I've heard your cries
But I know your strength
And I see where this can take you
I know you can do it
I know you have the strength
And even if you fall
I will be there
You may not see me
But I will be there
To help you see
You can do it

By Joseph Kemper © 29 September 2013

Know this Deanne, it does not matter the distance, or what is between us, I will always love you and I will always be there, if not in person, always in spirit. I love you.

09 February 2016

Tuesday's Poem

I Take a Leap

He has said
I will be there
So I learn his word
And hear his will
The goal is grand
The promised blessings
Are real
But still
Cannot be seen
Nor can the fullness
Of the path to the goal

I take a leap
And trust
And try to obey
Struggle and stumble
I may
But still I try

Before I've reached the end
Of my little quest
Before my drive gives way
When I stop and look
I see the blessings I've been given
And find the courage
To once more press on
To serve
My Lord
My God
My Friend

By Joseph Kemper © 29 September 2013

Deanne you are without a doubt the best blessing I have been given thanks to the journey I have been on. I love you and thank you for helping to make my life so wonderful.

08 February 2016

Monday's Poem

Where is Christ

Why must I suffer?
Why must any 
How can hope be seen
through tear filled eyes?
Where can Christ be seen
in times of trouble and gloom?
All can be found in the testimony
that the heavens are not closed
and we
are not forgotten

By Joseph Kemper © 29 September 2013

Deanne my love, always remember, you are my little beacon of hope reminding me of just how much God loves us.

05 February 2016

Friday's Poem

You Never Know

To stop and return
A simple dropped coin
May seem like a small
And simple act
But to one
Who is wondering
Is there any
Who actually care
That simple act
Might save their life

Our talents
Small or grand
Could brighten a day
Or even save a life
If only
We stop to share

When that quiet voice whispers
The time is now
You never know
The effect you will have

By Joseph Kemper © 29 September 2013

Deanne, I want you to know, that every poem I ever write, no matter the subject, is a testimony to the wonderful effect you have had on my life. For it was not until after you came into my life that I grew to where I could write a poem whenever I wanted. So thank you my love.

04 February 2016

Thursday's Poem

A Time for Love

A time of growth
A time to gather our strength
A time to rebuild our hopes
A time to find again our love

A time of plenty
A time to plant our roots
A time to build our strength
A time for love to grow

A time of building storms
A time of darkening skies
A time of brilliant colors
A time to harvest our love

A time of cold
A time of trials
A time to test our strength
A time to test our love

Through the seasons
Of our life and our love
We will find struggles
But hope will always come again
So long as we have our love

By Joseph Kemper © 29 September 2013

Deanne my love, you are the balance in my life. You are the center of my world. You are the most wonderful thing to have come into my life. And I must say, your face when I fart is hilarious, as is your face when you read this.