06 May 2016

Friday's Poem

As I Look to Thee

In the still of the darkened morning
as the storms brew all around
there is still hope to be found
as I look to thee

By Joseph Kemper © 17 November 2013

Deanne you make every morning wonderful. I love you.

05 May 2016

Thursday's Poem

A True Love

Fear may come
but my love
shall not falter
In storm or fright
my love
will stand true

By Joseph Kemper © 16 November 2013

04 May 2016

Wednesday's Poem

Still She Stands

She is not bold and brazen
but still she stands
just the same
She stands as tall as the mountains
and as firm as a stone
she is my guiding light
and the hope of my heart
She is
My Heroic Angel Queen

By Joseph Kemper © 15 November 2013

Deanne you truly are a heroic wonder to behold. I love you. 

03 May 2016

Tuesday's Poem

I Love You

I breathe
So I love you
I hope
So I love you
I am
So I shall always
Love you

By Joseph Kemper © 14 November 2013

Deanne, you are the most wonderful blessing that has ever come into my life. I love you.

02 May 2016

Monday's Poem

The Windows of Heaven

Staring into the windows of heaven
I see her joy
I see her trust
I feel her hope
I learn what love is
Staring into the windows of heaven
I am spellbound 
By those magnificent eyes

By Joseph Kemper © 13 November 2013

I still love your eyes Deanne they are truly a window into your most beautiful soul.

29 April 2016

Friday's Poem

My Best Friend

Could I call you
my best friend
and speak the truth
But that shallow ideal
could never begin to grasp
the beauty
of our love

You lift my soul
and fill my life
You mend my heart
and give me hope

Could I call you
my best friend
Most certainly
but our love is
far more

By Joseph Kemper © 11 November 2013

Deanne you are a most beautiful sight to wake up to. I love you. 

28 April 2016

Thursday's Poem

My Beautiful Angel

The brilliance of thy love
makes thee
the most beautiful

Now stop and think about
what thy smile does
Then try to dream
of how much beauty
thine eyes add
and then tell me
where your beauty ranks

By Joseph Kemper © 10 November 2013

Deanne I love to remind you of just how beautiful you are.