Friday, September 19, 2014

The Brightest Star

Where do I find my brightest star
Not in the night sky by far
She stands by my side
For she is my loving bride
She gives me hope
That gives me strength to cope
She always loves a good old hug
But never does she bug
For in all she may demand
She strengthens my hand
Through all she may need
She leaves me to plead
Stay by my side
For you are my loving bride
You are my brightest star
And I need you most by far

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To Save a Friend

If a friend were drowning 
Would you stop and ask 
What if he gets offended 
Before trying to save him 

If a friend were standing at death's door 
Would you stop and ask 
What if she decided to hate me 
Before trying to save her 

If a friend were being slowly poisoned 
And did not know it 
Would you stop to question 
What if they never speak to me again 
Or would you just find a way to act 

What if a friend were walking a path 
To an eternity devoid of joy 
And you had the key to help them 
What would you do then? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Side By Side

Side by side 
That is where we will be 
From while we here abide 
'Till the end of all eternity 
You need never fear 
For I will never leave 
So be of good cheer 
Now let us stand up and weave 
Our futures together 
But not with a fetter 
More with a feather 
As we fly with our better 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Facing Fears

Or be ruled
Those are the options
Fear gives you no other choice
Fear will block your sight
And leave you cowering at ants
Fear will place doubts
Where none could otherwise be found
Fear will place walls
Where none exist

And peace
And contentment
And comfort
And a calm mind
Cannot live together

Face the fear
Or stop and breathe
Stop and dream of a happy place
Regain your strength
And the come around to fight again
Then win the day

Fear is an enemy
Fear will hold you back
And leave you a slave
Or be ruled
Those are the options
Fear gives you no other choice

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Good Night Honey

I love you
I love you lots
I love to spend my days with you
I love to spend my energy for you
I love to try my hardest to love you
I love to wear myself out loving you
I love to feel so tired I cannot keep myself awake
After spending my day loving you
I love to take your hand in mine as we slip off into dreams

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Lost Dream's End

Cast aside and locked away
Left without even a taste of hope
What was I given
For a reason to my bondage
"I like going nowhere"
"I like being ruled by my fears"
"I like being nothing"

I only wanted to help
I only wanted to lift them higher
I only wanted to help them
Become more
More than what they were
More of what they could be
More of what they want to be

I only wanted to help them find the path
The path to their hopes
The path to a brighter tomorrow
The path to help them stand a little taller
The path to help them rise above the chains
That hold them down
And let them fly

But now I am left to watch them suffer
And fester
As I sit in pain
Watching and praying
Hoping that they regain the courage
To once again
Let me help them dream

Please oh please
Let me help you dream
Please don't give in to the pain
Please don't let the nightmare win
Please don't give up
Please don't leave me here
Please …

My Thoughts about the Poem

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Call To Patriots

They attacked us 
They, whoever they were 
Attacked us 
Killed our people 
And for what? 

I'll tell you what 
To destroy us 
And you know what 
They are doing 
A marvelous job 

Our freedoms 
Are being eroded 
All because of 
What they did 

Our rights 
Are being trampled upon 
All because of 
What they did 

How much 
Are we going 
To let them 
Take away 

They have taken the lives 
Of our brothers 
Our sisters 
Our sons 
And daughters 
Our fathers and mothers 
Are you going to give them 
Your life too?